It’s Private Tonight

Some songs boast the triple-threat of amazing verse, bridge and chorus. Lots of songs have an ordinary verse leading to a kick-ass chorus. Less common, but still a frequent sub-category, are those songs where the chorus is a bit of a let-down. I would argue that Billy Bragg’s virtually perfect ‘The Boy Done Good’ has a forgettable chorus. ‘It’s Private Tonight’ by Arthur Adams is another example. The chorus is fine, but doesn’t deliver on the promise of the verse, which is why it is relegated to my PYRITE RADIO. Check him here, playing live in March 2017. What a dude.

Once You Understand

I begin PYRITE RADIO – where I explore curios, also-rans and terrible songs that shouldn’t be let anywhere near a golden record – with this piece of preachy weirdness from 1971.

Once You Understand‘ was put together by two studio dudes under the band name Think. It’s an endlessly repeating refrain – ‘Things get a little easier, once you understand’ – which sounds like something out of Godspell or Hair, building slowly as more voices and instruments join the fray, all set against the spoken word backdrop of parent/teen disfunction. Death comes at the end, as we listen in on a father being informed of his son’s death from an overdose. Sobbing occurs, then the refrain returns for one last kick in the teeth. It’s awful, makes no sense and I love it, but only in the same way I love Sinbad of the Seven Seas with Lou Ferrigno.